Saturday, May 05, 2007

I Wonder What Happened to the Koshary

Ten minutes after passing the police party, I was standing at the corner of an intersection talking to a guy I see most mornings on my way to work. He's a bit of a crazy dude, exhibited by his predication of a revolution in the next three months.

All of a sudden, I heard this noise. I turned to see a guy on a motorcycle screaming down one of the streets and a car flying down the other. I'm fairly certain that all in attendance could foresee the impending doom.

The man on the motorcycle, who happened to be a koshary delivery guy, let out an "ahhhhhh!!!!" right before impact and tried to turn his machine to soften the blow. The car didn't really try anything fancy other than slam on the brakes.

Then, SMACK!. The motorcycle t-boned the car, the man slammed into the side window, and fell to the bike on top of him. We rushed out to him. He was writhing in pain on the ground, but tried to get up has quick as he could. People were telling him to slow down and just lay there for a second to catch is breath.

Luckily, the guy had been wearing a helmet. I'm pretty sure it saved his life on this occasion. The driver of the car should've been pommelled, according to the guy I was talking to. "But these policemen seem to be nice today."

Thanks goodness everyone was okay. It's strange to think that the people who ordered the koshary had no idea what happened. In fact, I wonder if they ever got their koshary.


At 10:55 AM, Blogger Miss Canthus said...

what is a koshary?


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