Saturday, May 05, 2007

People Who Don't Like Uncle Sam Very Much

"Ever since the Vietnam War, many Americans have viewed Canada as a liberal oasis, ready to welcome those who no longer want to take part in Uncle Sam's wars.

But US soldiers fleeing to Canada today face a Canadian government that may well be less hospitable than the one in power during the Vietnam era. Back then, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau welcomed war deserters, declaring 'Canada should be a refuge from militarism.' Richard Nixon called him an 'asshole,' to which Trudeau allegedly responded, 'I have been called worse things by better people.'" -Speigel


Well said, Pierre, well said.

This is a long article, but it's interesting if you're: 1. Canadian, 2. an American draft dodger, or 3. have some interest in army desertion tactics.

Canada and the US have a long history of this "reverse" brain drain. It started with the US Revolution (the loyalists fled to Canada), gained strength during the Vietnam War, and is still prevalent today.


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