Sunday, May 27, 2007

South Korean Speed Dating

Imagine that. The phenomenon that involves "dating" ten people in the span of one hour has made it to South Korea. We call it "speed dating." I'm not sure what they call it, but it's likely similar to the literal Korean translation. Why and how do I know this? I spent the weekend with two Koreans in the desert. More on that in a separate blog post.

Speed dating in Korea is a bit different. Four guys, four girls, a pub, some beer, some soju (beloved rice liquor of Korea), and perhaps some karaoke. Sounds like fun to me, and is so much better than the regimented North American version. Granted, I'm not an expert on speed dating, so maybe Megan can provide some input.

It starts when an "connector," a person who knows a bunch of people from different groups, picks four guy friends and four girl friends. This random group of eight then heads to the pub to commence the speed dating festivities. After a few rounds of beer and soju, people are feeling comfortable and inhibitions are flying out the window at record speed.

The group usually talks for about four hours. There are no timers, no forced situations, no pressure. Just eight people enjoying their soju and talking about anything from StarCraft to baseball. If the night is going well, karaoke is often the next step.

Thank your lucky stars if you're a good singer. For the guys, the girls love a good singer, and vice versa. I suppose singing is the equivalent to dancing in North America.

There is the possibility of further communication once the night is over, as mobile numbers and email addresses are sometimes exchanged. Surprisingly, there is a certain characteristic that can set the tone for the evening:

What's your blood type?

In Korea, this determines your personality. Type A people are shy and generally introverted, Type O are extroverted, Type B are aggressive towards the opposite sex, and Type AB are a mix of everything. Most Koreans are Type A (according to the guys I was talking to), so they tend to be introverted. 

If the people you are talking to aren't interested in the personality that comes along with your blood type, it can prove very detrimental to your chances. I suppose it's similar to someone not having an adequate bank balance around a certain group. 


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