Sunday, June 24, 2007

Razor Ramblings - BBC Style

This article is eerily similar to the host of Razor Ramblings posts that Ryan and I have made.

"It was when we came to the optional extras, and I was to take the wrong option, that things took a downward turn. Adel Mohammed produced in front of me with a twinkle in his eye a long piece of fine, white Egyptian cotton and pronounced the word "fatlah" invitingly.


Blue murder are the two words that come to mind, like being pinched repeatedly around the face by someone who really does not like you. Be a man about it, some might say, but then if I were, perhaps I would not be having my eyebrows plucked in the first place."

Oh, I know that little ordeal all too well...

"Oh no, there was still more. He pulls out this thread and makes an offering gesture. 'Hmm…I was offered this before and declined. This is something that I need to experience at least once, especially if I’m to maintain my journalistic integrity.'


I must say, I’ve never even heard of anyone getting their ears plucked before, and I certainly would never voluntarily request it. That didn’t stop this guy, though, he went right at it. I can tell you that this is a pleasure-less experience. In fact, it really did hurt. That, combined with the spray from earlier, caused a few tears to well in my eye. I couldn’t believe it."


At 12:38 PM, Blogger F said...

haha thats funny i was just reading this article today on BBC..

At 3:27 PM, Blogger F said...

i changed my blog! and seeing as how ure the only non facebooker i know, u wouldnt know this without me telling u personally!


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