Wednesday, June 13, 2007


After months of trash talk, apathy, and general "Egyptian-ness," Luli and I finally played Scrabble. Two games, in fact.

The night started with some homemade fatir (this version was a savoury form of baklava) compliments of Luli and her kitchen assistant Nisrin. Then, after some pre-scrabble pleasantries, the three of us sat down for 90 minutes in intense concentration (well, more like 90 minutes of me continually knocking my pieces onto the floor, Luli stealing letters, and Nisrin attempting to spell words that didn't exist).

The game came down to the last piece. I was up 10 on Luli (we don't need to mention where Nisrin was) and she had one piece to play. Alas, all she could muster was 9 points. It was some intense Scrabble playing on her part. I have to give her credit.

The trash talk started up again with Nisrin wanting another chance to redeem herself. So I whipped up some French toast, while the girls tried to figure out some way to beat the Canadian.

The second game was only close at the very end. I somehow managed to run off 7-straight double digit scores (3-straight 20+) with words like "maze" and "zen" in one turn. Luli made a valiant effort at the end to get back in the game (where was Nisrin, I wonder), but it was to no avail.

Given Nisrin's competitive spirit and Luli's love (and adeptness) at Scrabble, there is no question we'll be back at it again soon.


At 4:15 AM, Blogger Superluli said...

I had the M in my hand to add "room" to nisrin's "class" and get tripple word score - i would have nailed u both but i decided to be honest and dropped it back in the bag. i should get some credit for that!


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