Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Babin in Babin

"It was getting dark and there was nowhere to stay so I decided to do a bit of rustic camping. I had no tent, and everywhere was closed except a grocery store, so I went in to buy whatever I could that I could fashion a tent out of. I settled on three Christmas-theme tabled cloths, and then went to find a suitable site. Near the train station, I found a corn field with a grove of trees in the middle, so I walked in in the dark and set up camp. It wasn't all that bad, but as you can imagine, I kept waking up after having dreams of angry Southerners in overalls chasing me out of their 'cawn field.'"

An excerpt from one of my brother's emails. He's currently in Slovakia searching for the town of Babin.


At 2:40 AM, Blogger Jenny H. said...

Genius! Sounds like he didn't get b*tched up this time at the shop?

Hope he didn't burn any more jeans even though they did look fancier burnt.


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