Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cairo Points

Calculating Cairo points is a difficult thing. Since you can both gain and lose them, it's really difficult to tell where you stand. Here is a rough estimate:

Street BBQ - 100 points
Street Dance Party - 100 points
Wearing the galabeya around the neighbourhood - 50 points
Taking microbuses - 100 points
Going to Friday Market during a stampede - 200 points
Cooking bread in Cairean ovens - 30 points
Drinking at Horreya - 50 points

Okay, I'm no doubt forgetting a lot of stuff, so I'm just going to go ahead and ballpark it....

7554 Cairo Points

But, wait. Leaving Cairo in the first-class cabin of a KLM aircraft...

minus 7554 Cairo Points.

Grand Total: 0

It was all worth it.


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