Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Last, But Certainly Not Least

The night started out with Megan opining the intelligent simile "quick like a cougar" and finished with complete and utter domination at the hands of a new force to the Scrabble world: Lunt (or Keke).

First and foremost, Luli must be commended on a fabulous meal. She held true to her word (apparently unlike most Egyptians, according to Luli herself) and produced an epic feast of stuffed grape leaves, breaded chicken breast, tziki, bruschetta, rice, and an odd green drink resembling antifreeze. I drank about 6 glasses and I'm happy to say that I could still see when I woke up this morning.

After the feast, we got down to business. There were eight of us, so teams of two were randomly determined. I ended up with the ever-enigmatic Megan, who had, earlier in the day, written a "putting the gauntlet down" post about the lack of painting going on in my house.

While Megan perused the pages of some British smut magazine, she became obsessed with the word "manatee." This fueled a garish attempt at disguising an upside-down "W" as an "M." It almost worked, but the ever-observant Annika shot us down. In the end, the game ended in a tie. How disappointing.

The second round featured new teams, new attitudes, and an increasingly hostile Nisrin. She threatened physical and verbal violence on no fewer than twenty occasions. Luke, my replacement at the office and at home, and I teamed up to produce a performance for the ages.

After falling behind thanks to a 68-point "deboning" (no one decided to challenge, so the points stood, however we found out minutes later that there was no such word in 1988 (the year of our dictionary)), we stormed back to thoroughly punish the not-so-dynamic duo of Chris and Nisrin, and show Annika how a beating at the hands of Keke (or Lunt) should feel.

This was my last Scrabble night with Luli and Nisrin. I'll definitely miss Luli's competitiveness and charm. It's just too bad I can't say the same about Nisrin's militant attitude.


At 4:18 AM, Blogger Aesa said...

babin- As bored as I am at work, I jus read ur old entries about India. very very amusing ! =)

I is linking u to my blog which is at

At 11:57 AM, Blogger Superluli said...

i am glad you liked the anti-freeze!
i demand a re-match , all my energy was exhausted on cooking and i would love to kick your sorry ass one last time.

btw the magazine was US weekly in case you want to borrow it


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