Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jenny in Praha

It was quite the reunion with Jenny. Not 6 months earlier, I was on my way to the airport in the middle of a foggy night in Cairo to meet her and her friend Claire. The two girls showed us a thing or two about drinking throughout their vacation, while I showed them as much of Egyptian life as I could.

In Prague, the favour was returned. Jenny was so gracious as to lend me her apartment while she worked in Belgium. Before and after she went away, though, we got plenty of shisha smoking and beer drinking in. She even made it clear to me that my flight was not in fact on Saturday night, but on Sunday night.

On our last night, we feasted on pork and other delights in this dungeon outfitted with armor. Then she took me on a night walk through old town square to take some pics (top one is from there).

Thanks for everything, Jenny. A meeting in Azerbaijan awaits.


At 11:18 PM, Blogger Jenny H. said...

Awww! It was great to see you again and have the chance to return the hosting courtesy in Cairo, buddy.

And I finally made it to U Fleku, and it was sooo wicked!

At 12:39 AM, Blogger Blanka said...

Since when does Jenny eat Pork?? Is this whole vegetarian thing a scam Jenski?

At 8:25 AM, Blogger kent said...

I should clarify. Jenny didn't eat any pork. I took care of that.

She went with the cheese platter or something like that. Maybe a salad?

Glad you made it to U Fleki, Jenny. I think there's an ode to that place coming up here.


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