Sunday, October 14, 2007

Here We Go Again....

Four times in the past 3 years I have waited in the Vancouver Airport for an international flight. You'd think I would know what I'm getting myself into by now, but I really don't.

The routine was the to Vancouver, stay with the relatives, then with Kate. She gives me a ride to the airport and is the last person I see before embarking on some crazy voyage. But each time there are these feelings of anticipation and "why do I keep doing this?"

In the end, these feelings only point to one thing: a long, exhausting journey that for some strange reason I look forward to. There's something about showing up in random countries completely "knackered" (as the Brits would say). It's just a good thing that the customs official stamped a used page in my passport, but only after asking if I had worked in Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Russia.


Until next time, Canada. 


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