Monday, October 29, 2007

A Tradition Completed

There are few traditions I follow before, during, or after living abroad. Why would I want to routinize my existence when it's the non-routinzed life that keeps me travelling?

Certain things have, coincidently, happened each and every time I have travelled from Canada. One is staying with my friend Kate. And the only other one I can think of is showing up in the foreign land in desperate need of a haircut.

Maybe I'm just lazy or maybe I secretly long for the scissors of an unknown barbershop, but for some reason I always make sure my hair is nice and long (relatively) before travelling. Then, when I arrive, one of the first things I look for is someone that can rid me of my copious locks.

Last night, after some shopping (I am the proud new owner of pants), I found a barbershop/pirated DVD store/local hangout. I'm past the point of saying "This was going to be an experience..." The reality is that it all goes something like this (translated into English from whatever language happens to be spoken in the country):

Kent - (points to his hair and mimics a scissor motion)
Barber - (points to a chair)
Kent - (sits down in said chair)
Barber - (puts bib thing around me)
Kent - (mimics the word "short" with his fingers)
Barber - (shows me the clipper attachment)
Kent - (nods at said clipper attachment)
Barber - (starts clipping, re-affirms that it is ok)
Kent - (nods in approval)
Barber - (finishes the sides and then goes to the scissors for the top)
Kent - (predicts that the barber will leave the top way too long)
Barber - (leaves the top way too long)
Kent - (mimics "keep going")
Barber - (goes back to work, but still leaves it too long)
Kent - (points out that it's still too long)
Barber - (takes out the clippers and just shaves it all off)
Kent - (nods in approval)
Barber - (requests payment)
Kent - (pays)

Simple. I guess I didn't need to translate anything.


At 2:17 PM, Blogger ryan101 said...

I think I have lost that reckless abandon regarding new hairdressers - I now have a barber where I can go there and say 'the usual please' and he'll get on with it. Recently he moved into a new premises the other side of town. So i've travelled with him.

I'm not sure whether this is a good thing as we've had exactly the same conversation the last two times I have been there. And i'm clearly in need of a new haircut now I have a 'usual'. But at least I can get away with accidently not having enough money on me when I visit, and i'm unlikely to walk out of the barber with a moustache and my hair oiled and combed back because i'm too polite to say other than 'it looks perfect' like in India.

At 2:16 AM, Blogger Layial said...

hhahahahahaha...that was funny


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