Monday, January 28, 2008

Series of Random Occurrences

1. I plugged in my laptop and the lights went out for 3 hours. Everyone else in the building had power, except me. And like a mouse that never learns, I kept trying to plug in my laptop every time the lights came back on. After three times, I concluded that there was a problem with the plug adapter. I bought a new one and now everything is fine.

2. I invigilated for the SAT subject test on Saturday. Three straight hours of doing absolutely nothing.

3. An old woman knocked on my door and asked, in Russian, if she could put her bag in my apartment for a few minutes while she went to find her daughter. Not being able to say "No" to old women, I kindly obliged. Of course, certain people I know suggested that the bag might have contained a bomb.

4. A few minutes later, a woman called to ask if my internet worked. I said "no" (I don't even have a modem yet, so it couldn't have worked to begin with), but she kept telling me, in Russian, that the internet already worked. I was extremely confused.


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