Thursday, June 12, 2008

There's a Queen of Holland?

I had the honour of arriving in Tallinn at the same time as the Queen of Holland. Unfortunately, while she was given the red carpet treatment and lavish dinners, I was resigned to traversing the city on foot and eating in moderately-priced restaurants (and actually paying for it).

Alas, our paths did converge. It was while I was in one of those moderately-priced restaurants that my attention was directed to the street outside. Along came a convoy bearing the Dutch flag. It was very clear that the Queen was in one of the vehicles (most likely the giant black limousine).

Minutes later, not one, but three police cars were on the scene. Apparently some guy flipped off the Queen (I had no idea she was such a controversial figure), so the cops decided that he should have his face pressed up against the window of the car and handcuffs slapped on him. Welcome to the free world.

We watched in awe as the guy was pushed into the back of the meat wagon. Was flipping of the Queen of Holland really that bad? I've seen people get away with much worse.


At 9:24 PM, Blogger Gary said...

The queen probably doesn't like being flipped on her head.


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