Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Lada Legend: Who Steals a Zhiguli 011? - Part 2

It was business as usual to start the 31st. Sarah and Amy both made it to work...on time...despite the loss of the Colonel. Throughout the day, the two discussed potential plans of attack. Had the Colonel been towed? Did someone steal it? Each a legitimate question given the circumstances.

The agreed-upon plan was to do a little reconnaissance in the neighbourhood before resorting to calling the police. Amy and Sarah started by asking the security guy in front of our apartment if he knew anything about what happened. He didn't, but was sure the car had not been towed. Conveniently, the security guy's boss, herewithin known as "the Commandant", was in the vicinity and dropped the bomb that the car had definitely been stolen.

The Commandant suggested that they walk around the neighbourhood and ask people if they had any information on the Colonel's whereabouts. Amy and Sarah were hesitant, but decided to go along with it. This method garnered little success, as the neighbours were unsurprisingly tight-lipped about anything they may or may not have witnessed. Eventually, the group was pointed in the direction of a gnome-like man in a booth that was previously invisible to the naked eye. He was identified as the guy in charge of watching the cars on this street. Surely he must have seen something.

Here is a little excerpt of the conversation that probably happened between the Commandant and the gnome-like man:

C: Did you see a yellow 011 parked here?
G: Maybe I did. Maybe I didn't. What's it to you?
C: It was stolen. We're trying to figure out where it is.
G: I ain't seen nuttin'. Even if I had, I wouldn't be tellin' the likes of you.

In a word, productive. Neither the Commandant nor the girls were able to deduce anything from this initial investigation. It was time to bring in the heavies. A quick call to the local equivalent of 911 got Amy connected to a police dispatcher. She explained her plight and received the response, "You're a foreigner? Hold, please." She was then transferred to a special "foreign desk", where was was once again asked to explain what exactly happened. No doubt the person on the other end was amused.

Amy left her address with the foreign desk, in case the investigation was continued. The girls weren't expecting anything to happen that night, so they retired to Amy's for dinner. Just as they were sitting down to eat...

*knock, knock, knock*